Why Arc Drive Rent a car Cluj-Napoca
23 Feb 2017



Fast response to the needs of our customer forcar rental service. Free delivery, fast and punctual to the Airoport or anywhere in Cluj-Napoca.


Variety si Quality

Various types of cars for rent, quality at the best prices. Rent a Car in Cluj from 10Euro/day.


Comfort and safty

Rental cars in Cluj always ready for the road. The comfort and the pleasure to drive very well-maintained rental cars is provided by Arc Drive Rent a Car Cluj.

About Rent a car Cluj-Napoca

Dear guest, if you intend to rent a car on the spot, if you care about your comfort, safety and, of course your money, you have come to the right place!

To us, you are not just a simple customer, you are one of the persons who runs a part of our business …literally.

You are our pilot on the country’s roads and it is essential we should know each other better since we aroused your curiosity; you will understand below who ARC DRIVE rent a car are.

Who we are? What are our values?

Advantages Respect Competitivity.
Dedication Receptivity Interest Velocity Empathy

Our essential advantage, with the help of which we set out on this automotive labyrinth on “rented wheels” resides in our vision about the relation with our customer, who is our partner, “driving” being the fruit of our “relation”, hoping it will be lasting, positive and emblematic to the extent of quality.

Autonomy because you can start your journey with us, wherever and whenever you want, with just one phone call, at +4 0745 55 38 54.

Authenticity. We do not want to imitate anybody because YOU are UNIQUE and we want you to be happy with our collaboration and to benefit of our customized services!

Respect. Reciprocity. Rapid response

Respect. We strongly believe that respect is earned, so let’s make the first step: “Do as you would be done by!”

Reciprocity. Imagine that our partnership relation strikingly resembles the relation between a pilot and his copilot: mutual trust, empathy, effort, endeavor, concern, heartbeats are united in a vital space and time for their joint goal. We don’t ask more from the other side than we ask from ourselves.

Rapid response to the needs of our customer. If we had to respond to the questionnaire of reliability and expedience we would get the maximum grade by sticking to our principles of healthy business, respecting the client, the common sense and the promises we make!

Competitivity. Quality. Comfort.

What are customers looking for at us? A good, honest price, reliability, comfort, quality! See this for yourself!

It is essential that at the end of the road we should have a happy customer and a reliable partner on the other side, who can provide support in any trip.

What do facts say about our services?

Dedication: We bring and take-over the car near your location, where it is more comfortable for you! We are your partners in this journey, in a time line accessible to any busy person, who’s in a hurry and who manages to keep in check 12 hours of one day, from a week of 7 days.

Receptivity to the needs, requests, time and pocket of our customer are the essential condition of our success! Try them!

Our Interest is to offer a simplified rental service, a reliable car, easy to drive, excellent for long journeys, with low level of consumption, with a large carrier and an attractive design.

Our Velocity in reaction to your requests easily exceeds the legal admissible limits! Come to us and see it for yourself.

Empathy: we always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers to understand their emergencies, priorities and financial possibilities in order to help them find the optimal solution when they rent a car.

This is who we are, all in all, ARC DRIVE rent a car and we are here, in CLUJ, for you!